Communion and Confirmations can be an expensive time for parents, adding pressure to already stretched household budgets.

Research carried out by ILCU in the past has highlighted the financial strain put on parents attempting to finance their children’s First Holy Communion and Confirmation celebrations. The survey found that most parents used credit cards to finance some of the costs, with more than 10% using moneylenders; both are very high interest sources of finance.

Bruff Credit Union offers No Stress, Low Cost, Same Day Loans

Our personal loan is much cheaper than Doorstep Loans. Take a look at the comparison table.

Our personal loan is much cheaper than Credit Cards. Take a look at the comparison table.

Why Borrow from Bruff Credit Union?

  • There are no fees or transaction charges
  • Attractive and competitive interest rate
  • Repayments are calculated on your reducing balance, so you pay less interest with each repayment.
  • Your credit union loan is insured – subject to terms and conditions – at no direct cost to you. Other lenders charge for this.
  • You can pay off your loan early, make additional lump sum repayments or increase your regular repayments, without a penalty. Other lenders may charge you extra for paying them back faster

How To Apply?

Applying is easy.

  • In Branch – Call into our branch and talk to a member of our team in complete privacy in one of our lending offices.
  • Call Us – 061 382111

What Do You Need to Apply?

Depending on the size of the loan, some or all of the following documentation will be requested:

  • Proof of income – 3 months recent payslips and/or Social Welfare/Pension payment slips
  • 3 most recent months of Current A/C Bank statements
  • If self employed – most recent set of accounts and 6 months of recent bank statements
  • Other documentation may be required on request

We may have the following information already on file for you. If not, it will be required for your loan application:

  • Photographic ID (e.g. a current Driving Licence or Passport)
  • Proof of Address (e.g. a utility bill, government letter or bank statement dated within the last 6 months)
  • Proof of PPSN (e.g. Medical/Drugs Payment Scheme Card, P60, P45, or correspondence from Revenue)

Check out our loan calculator to see how affordable a loan from Bruff Credit Union is.

Not a Member?

Joining is easy! It’s takes about 25 minutes.
Pop into our office and join up today.

  • To be eligible for membership of Bruff Credit Union you must be living or working in our common bond. Our common bond consists of the parishes of Bruff, Grange and Meanus and the surrounding areas of Fedamore, Rathmore, Mainister, Dromin and Knockainey.
  • You can also join by association; if you reside with a current member of Bruff Credit Union, you can become a member.
  • If you are a dormant member of Bruff Credit Union, simply reactivate your account and you can apply for a loan.

What Do You Need to Join?

  • Evidence of Identification (must show proof of date of birth & recent photo), i.e. Current valid Passport, current valid Driving Licence, current valid I.D. Card
  • Evidence of Address (must show address where you currently live), i.e. Original of recent Household Bill (e.g. ESB, Phone) or Bank or Building Society Statement. (Proof of address has to be issued within the last three months)
  • PPS number i.e. Social Service Card, Medical Card or Payslip.
  • Membership fee is €0 and a minimum of €6.35 is needed to open an account and keep it activated.

New Members Can Apply For Loans Immediately