National Credit Union GR8 Savers Week
8th May – 14th May

Bruff Credit Union is participating in the National Credit Union GR8 Savers Week this year and we would like to invite your child to participate too. There are huge benefits to teaching children to become GR8 Savers from an early age. Helping them to understand why they should save and how to save. Instilling an understanding of the value of money is a valuable life lesson. A healthy attitude to money will help them to avoid getting into unnecessary debt as adults.

As part of GR8 Savers Week, we would like to invite any child not currently a member of Bruff Credit Union to open a Minor Account. Pop into our branch with the requirements detailed below and we will have your account opened in no time!

Requirements for opening an Minor Account:


  • Birth cert or passport
  • Proof of child’s PPS number

Adult Accompanying Child

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of adult’s PPS number

New Minor Accounts Draw
All new Minor Accounts opened from 8th – 19th May will be entered into a draw to win one of three Smyths Toy Vouchers.

Watch our facebook page and website for daily GR8 Savers Week activities, savings tips and download our Savings Chart.

Great Savers Draw
We will be running a second draw for all our Minor Accounts, new and current, at the end of June. To be eligible for this Great Savers draw, all Minor Accounts holders must save every week from 22nd May to 23rd June. Win one of three Smyths Toy Vouchers, just in time for Summer! There is NO minimum or maximum amount to be saved

You can lodge your Sammy Stamps Books, Old and New into your Minor Account as savings too! Don’t leave them gathering dust!

If you have any queries, please contact Lorraine. Tel: 061 382111 or email