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Your Student Loan – Your Way

Our philosophy has always been to look at things differently. We understand the positive effect a student loan can have on your life, giving you peace of mind and independence, so we always look at your whole story. We only propose student loans with realistic terms, which you can pay back in a way that works best for you.

We don’t charge administration fees or transaction charges and you can pay back your student loan early without penalty, if that becomes an option. Remember, in Bruff Credit Union, you are not a customer, you are a valued member.

Our student loan can help you in many ways, whether it’s to pay for registration fees, rent, books, course material or just living expenses. At this expensive stage in life, you’ll find Bruff Credit Union is there to help you. Call in for a chat today and we’ll soon have you sorted for the year ahead.

Check out our loan calculator to see how much a student loan would cost you.