Transfer Your Membership

To transfer your membership to Bruff Credit Union, you simply need to open an account with us.

Important: When you transfer your membership to Bruff Credit Union, you will keep your Credit Union Insurance. 

How do I Join?

To be eligible for membership of Bruff Credit Union Limited you must be living or working within our common bond. Our common bond consists of the parishes of Bruff, Grange and Meanus and the surrounding areas of Fedamore, Rathmore, Mainister, Dromin and Knockainey.

You need to present 3 forms of identification to join;

Three forms of identification. One form of ID from each of the sections below is required:

  1. Evidence of Identification (must show proof of date of birth & recent photo), i.e. Current valid Passport, current valid Driving Licence
  2. Evidence of Address (must show address where you currently live), i.e. Original of recent Household Bill (e.g. ESB, Phone) or Bank or Building Society Statement. (Proof of address has to be issued within the last three months)
  3. PPS number i.e. Social Service Card, Medical Card or Payslip.

For any queries: Call 061 382111 or Email: or Call Into Our Branch